A little about Casalinga

Welcome to Casalinga! before you take a look at our beautiful food options allow us to tell you a little about where it all comes from. Casalinga was founded in 1976 at the time it was called "Casalinga Pizza and Pasta" run by a chef called Alfonso. In 1989 the Establishment became "Casalinga Italian and Swiss" owned by Emme and Andrew Isenegger. Skip to 2010 when Andrew Abrams who started as an apprentice was given ownership of the restaurant after 9 years of working there he took over and made it "Casalinga Restaurant" using all the information about food he has learnt through travels and fellow chefs to create what Casalinga looks, feels, and tastes like now.

Our goal at Casalinga (which in Italian means "home style") is to bring the definition of the word to life though food that makes you think Italy but feel like home. We bring a warm ambiance doing everything we can to make our customers feel special and well cared for. Catering to people of all dietary requirements, with advanced noticed we strive to give you the food you deserve and the service you need.

A little about Andy

I've had a passion for food since before I can remember. It all started with helping my mother in the kitchen. Whilst reading cookbooks and learning from my great grandmothers handwritten recipes my obsession only grew. I continued to cook as I got older and always felt the need to expand my knowledge of food. I started volunteering at a butcher to learn more about the preparation of the meat that I was going to cook, they paid me with a six pack of beers each week... don't tell my parents. Later I worked at Adrian's Restaurant where they specialised in French cuisine. All my inspiration for the food I create derives from my experiences. I'm always happy to talk about food whether it be for an important event or if you just feel like something special for dinner if there is time I will abide (book and advise).

Thank you for visiting our website, we hope to see you dining in soon!

Functions and Group Bookings

All bookings of 10 or more are subject to the Group Options menu. The menu choices must be finalised prior to the booking date. Please view the Set Menu options above and mention your preferred option at the time of booking.

Option 1

$45 p/p One Course Menu

Option 2

$58 p/p Two Course Menu

Option 3

$58 p/p Two Course Menu

Option 4

$68 p/p Three Course Menu

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